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Xavier Burgell
Barcelona / Madrid
Retail / Fashion
6 + online shop
Design and manufacture of own brand, showroom and wholesale, purchasing from distributors and other brands, management of multiple multi-brand shops, outlet and online shop.

The Men Concept Store

In little more than a year, using StockAgile, Blaw has gone from a single shop in Barcelona, to expanding to 6 shops, to having a team of more than 30 people, to having an online presence with its recently opened and to having a presence in the Spanish capital.

A Blaw Store is more than a clothing shop, it is a meeting point where fashion, art, books, gourmet food or even finding a good wine for a dinner with friends, are present and give it a special and unique touch. A concept store in the most New York or Parisian style, modern, contemporary and trend-setting.


Among other brands, in Blaw Store we can find BLAW, BlawStore's own brand, which under the creative direction of Xavier Burgell, the designs present an interpretation of the contemporary and cosmopolitan man who seeks to wear basic and affordable garments with a unique and casual style.

BlawStore with StockAgile

For Xavier Burgell, it is essential to have a global vision in real time of everything that is happening in his shops, to optimise the entire manufacturing and pre-sales process and, above all, to promote online sales channels to be able to sell to the whole world.

Xavier Burgell, owner of Blaw store posing inside one of his stores in Barcelona.

"The information provided by stockagile in real time of everything that happens in my company is essential to be able to make the right decisions and move forward with the business."

Xavier Burgell

Founder of Blawstore
FASHION - 7 Stores


StockAgile for me is an indispensable tool in my day-to-day work. It allows me to optimise my tasks and keep an exhaustive control of all the processes in the retail area.

Lena Erina

Ecommerce Manager & Co-founder

With StockAgile we free ourselves from all stock management to synchronise the shops with the e-commerce.

Anna Vintro

Retail Manager

Stockagile is ideal for stock control. Intuitive and fast, it perfectly meets the expectations of a shop management software.

Juan Capilla

Logistics Manager