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Carolain Kids store window


Carolina Rosend

Carolain Kids

Childcare / Children's fashion
Physical store, multi-brand store

Family atmosphere

Carolain Kids is a store located in Estrada, Pontevedra. It specializes in children's and youth clothing, ranging from 0 months to 16 years. In the store they have created a family atmosphere, where shapes and colors come together. The design and the customer's shopping experience is very important for the company. It is clearly reflected in the display of neatly arranged, stored clothing, which plays with the outside light, making the store's garments stand out. 

They have quality clothing and are committed to an eco-sustainable structure, trying to have the least possible impact. Carolain Kids does not stop growing and will adopt the Jack and Johnson brand in the new collection as well as Boboli products in the bathroom section.

Carolain Kids with StockAgile

I used to go to Coruña to buy about 2,000 garments and we would enter them manually into the program. With StockAgile you save a whole day of work. I especially like that with the importer, I can quickly have the products in the program with the different variants and sizes I have for each garment. If you do not match the stock movements or sales you can see the error of the returns or the history of each one. 

I am very very happy with StockAgile. I control and manage my business very well and it is extraordinary that with al pistola you can capture products or tickets and they appear in the program.