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inside the Chopper Monster store


Iván Pérez
Chopper Monster

Retail / Fashion
Physical shop and eCommerce

Management of offline and online sales channels and content creator for podcasts and his blog.


The temple of Rock and Roll

Chopper Monster is more than a shop, it is a reference in the centre of Malasaña about this lifestyle and this feeling of inspiration that this genre gives us. Itbreathes art, Ivan, owner of the shop, and all his team form a perfect orchestra with different skills and professions, from making ceramic figures to concert promoter.

Chopper Monster is much more than just a shop to sell, it is an experience where books and records are part of the essence. Another aspect in their favour is the blog they share on social networks, where they share different interviews, podcasts and information related to personalities from the world of Rock and Roll.



Chopper Monster with Stockagile

Stockagile is a very comfortable, easy, agile software and is at the forefront of the tpv programs, it made you decide very fast when choosing between the different options.

For Ivan, remote monitoring of his business, analysis and reporting of sales performance is paramount.


"The customer service is exceptional, they are very professional and have solved my problems that have arisen on the spot."

Iván Pérez

Founder of Chopper Monster
FASHION - 1 Shop & eCommerce


StockAgile for me is an indispensable tool in my day-to-day work. It allows me to optimise my tasks and keep an exhaustive control of all the processes in the retail area.

Lena Erina

Ecommerce Manager & Co-founder

With StockAgile we free ourselves from all stock management to synchronise the shops with the e-commerce.

Anna Vintro

Retail Manager

Stockagile is ideal for stock control. Intuitive and fast, it perfectly meets the expectations of a shop management software.

Juan Capilla

Logistics Manager