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Adrià Machado
Manresa / Barcelona
Retail / Fashion
Popup Stores
Design and manufacture of own brand, showroom and wholesale, management of multiple sales channels and online store.

Ethical, responsible and local fashion

amt. is a brand born in a small town called Manresa near Barcelona in Spain and designed by Adrià Machado since 2016.

They believe in responsible and local ethical fashion. For this reason, all our products are handmade in Barcelona using European fabric suppliers to ensure good working conditions and quality.

Most of our pieces are made with recycled, organic or sustainable fibers, because maybe sustainability is a utopia, but we really are dreamers.

Based in Manresa (Barcelona), Amt. promotes sustainability through the use of environmentally responsible materials, as well as simple and timeless designs, guaranteeing durability regardless of trends. 

The company has managed to turn its small size into a positive factor to bet on ethical and local fashion. Thus, most of the fabrics come from Sabadell or Igualada, promoting a circular economy that does not need to leave the province of Barcelona.

Amt. with StockAgile

I think it has radically changed the way I work. It's like having your whole company in one place. We do wholesale and retail sales in the same place where we manage the stock or prepare the productions and costs of new products.

I think my favorite tools would be all the ones in the manufacture section, where we have all the collections and where we enter the orders from our stores, as well as where we manage the productions and enter materials.

StockAgile has radically changed the way I work, I have my entire company in one place.