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Elena Estaún
Elena Estaún
Barcelona / Ibiza
Retail / Jewellery / Fashion
2 + online shop
Design and manufacture of own brand, showroom and wholesale, purchases from distributors and other brands, management of multiple multi-brand shops, and online shop.

Transgressive identity with industrial, urban and ethnic influence

- Jewellery design that stands out for its transgressive identity, where industrial, urban and ethnic influences define a new concept of elegance.

Elena Estaún is a creative, who decided to translate her ideas into conceptual jewellery. Inspired by everyday objects, she decided to change their functionality and turn them into works of art. Nuts, old keys and fossils could be considered the 3 sources of inspiration for this young artist from Barcelona.

From an early age she had a passion for jewellery design, and after a career in fashion marketing at Parsons, New York and several courses in experimental jewellery at St. Martin's, London, she turned her passion into a profession.

His style could be defined as a jewellery design that stands out for its transgressive identity, where the industrial, the urban and the ethnic define a new concept of elegance.

Elena Estaún with StockAgile

I use Stockagile for the entire management of my company, from head to toe. From orders to suppliers, sales to wholesale, shop sales... to detailed stock control. It is the only system that allows you to merge all the internal management of a fashion company, both wholesale and retail.

My favourite tool is the stock control tool, it is very agile, as the speed of saving and moving from one product to another is high. Sales are easy to execute. The categories and subcategories are well studied to filter in detail. 


I am in love with receiving an order with products that are very complicated to manufacture and being able to know exactly how many pieces we need of each SKU for that order. It saves you hours of time with just one click.

Incredible software design, super easy to manage and intuitive. Excellent tool to manage orders, purchases and sales, all in one place.
André Bazzana
Store Manager
The service is excellent, they listen to us and attend to our needs in a personalised way. We couldn't have made a better choice!
André Bazzana
Store Manager