Production management

and manufacturing

Simplify, centralise and optimise your product manufacturing operations with Stockagile's manufacturing management software for modern brands.

Control the costs and materials used to manufacture your products.

Stockagile allows you to create the technical data sheets for your products, entering the necessary raw materials, according to materials, sizes, sizes and variants. Enter additional costs such as labour or transport to calculate the unit costs of each product.

Raw material management

Manage the stock of your raw materials to control the production capacity of your companies and avoid stock-outs.

Precise purchasing for precise production

Make purchases of raw materials taking into account your current stocks in order to be able to supply the production of your customers' sales orders.

Production and pre-sales on demand

Control your production capacity in real time. Calculate your raw material stock requirements based on sales.

Simplified manufacturing

Whether in-house or outsourced, it controls production processes, their costs, materials required, losses and wastage.

"Thanks to Stockagile I can easily and conveniently manage the entire life cycle of my garments. From selection, shipments and fittings at the customer's home, to the sale of the garment."

Javier Girón


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