Invoice and Expense Management

Manage your company's invoicing. Create invoices for your tickets or delivery notes. Check the status of payments in real time from anywhere. Check the status of each invoice. Automate the generation of invoices and get more time for you and your business.

Invoice management

Don't waste your time. For each purchase and sale, an invoice will be issued automatically, indicating aspects such as invoice number, date, collection date. Ideal for streamlining the accounting of the company and know every movement of the company.

Multiple delivery notes on a single invoice

Create an invoice for each delivery note or create a single invoice with multiple delivery notes. Adapt to the needs of each client

Generation of proformas

With StockAgile you can make proforma invoices before making final invoices. 

Make quotations for your clients

In case a customer asks you to do so, you can easily generate a detailed quotation to send them.

Work with multiple tax addresses

StockAgile allows you to enter your different fiscal data so that you can generate invoices with the one that suits you best at any given moment.

Coming soon: Spending Control 

Coming soon to StockAgile.