Product management

Centrally manage all your product information across all your sales channels. Analyse their entire life cycle to make decisions that make your business grow.

Centralised information for sales channels

Keep all your sales channels with consistent and up-to-date product information by using Stockagile as a master product list.

Create or import items quickly

Create new products easily using the product creation wizard, or import products en masse from our excel template, easy to populate with data exported from other stock management software, websites, etc.

Multiple tariffs, different channels, different prices

Create multiple tariffs and organise them according to the different sales channels. Apply taxes, offers and discounts.

Product lifecycle monitoring

Keep all your sales channels with consistent and up-to-date product information by using Stockagile as a master product list.

Bulk editing of products

Edit and modify products massively without having to enter them one by one. Modify characteristics, prices, etc.

Creation of data sheet with manufacturing costs and material invoices

Enter information about the raw materials needed to manufacture products and other added costs such as labour. Easily calculate your raw material stock requirements to prevent stock-outs when receiving manufacturing orders.

Collection management and catalogue printing

Group your products by collections, brands and seasons. Print catalogues for your suppliers, distributors or customers.

Movement management

Monitor all stock movements to know everything that has happened since the product entered the warehouse. Use the movements to find anomalies, suspicious movements or human error.

Label generation

Stockagile's label creator allows you to create your product labels in a quick and simplified way.

Barcode generation

Keep your inventory accurate and up-to-date as your team buys, receives, sells, ships and transfers stock. Stockagile supports standard barcode types such as UPC and EAN among others. Multiple barcodes can be assigned to the product, one for each variant.

Product metrics

Make purchasing decisions, allocate stock, analyse trends, and grow your business by buying more efficiently.

"Thanks to Stockagile I can easily and conveniently manage the entire life cycle of my garments. From selection, shipments and fittings at the customer's home, to the sale of the garment."

Javier Girón


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