Sales order management

Perfect order execution for demanding customers. Have control of all your sales orders, track them, make complete or partial shipments, generate delivery notes, order catalogs, optimize the entire sales cycle, control who has paid you, what they owe you, and in general, enjoy the process.

sales order management screen

Quickly view the status of all your sales

Get a quick overview of the status of all your wholesale sales. View the status of your payments, debts, the status of your orders, which ones are still to be prepared and which ones have been shipped.

Streamlined sales execution

Manually managing the process of placing a sales order is time consuming and frustrating for both employees and customers. Use Stockagile to process orders and you will achieve faster delivery times.

Buy stock once you have closed sales

Wait to place stock purchase orders before closing all sales orders with your customers. Stockagile will generate as many purchase orders as you have suppliers, aggregating all sales orders item by item.

Different documents for different people

Printing of priced and non-priced delivery notes and sales catalogues. Allows your customers to take away a catalogue of the products in the order. Print valued delivery notes or non-valued delivery notes.

Controls and perfects the entire sales cycle

View the transaction history of each sale, who prepares them, who sends them, how many shipments there have been and what is missing. Avoid mistakes that can be costly for your business.

Partial shipments

Orders are delivered as stock arrives. Multiple delivery notes can be made for each order. Generates invoices with multiple or partial delivery notes.


Don't forget to charge anything

Control the payment status of your invoices. Quickly see when payment periods end, which have been met and which have not.

Flexible invoicing tailored to your needs

Batch invoicing, delivery notes or shipments. Automatically process batch invoices generating a single purchase invoice for multiple purchase orders in a few clicks. Add the supplier invoice number and our accounting module will correctly update balances and purchase orders.

Sell more and faster to your customers with automatically generated B2B E-commerce

By simply selecting what you want to have in the catalogue, allow your customers direct access to view your products, create pre-sales, sales or replenishment orders.

Pre-sales so fast that your customers will fall in love with them.

Leave your customers surprised by handing them a catalogue of the pre-sale they have just made. Perform a pre-sale with agility, in front of your customer and with a mobile device while you are showing them all your products.

Auto-generates purchases based on pre-sales and backorders

Stockagile allows you to automatically create purchase orders for each supplier taking into account all the products from the pre-sales or backorders made by your customers. Save yourself entire afternoons of putting order in front of an excel.

Manages the receipt of sales returns

Accept returns and generate credit notes as easily as you place and prepare sales orders.

Dropshipping support

Stockagile allows you to pass your products and stock in real time to your partners so that they can offer and sell your products by dropshipping. By integrating with our API, they will also be able to register orders to automate and facilitate your preparation and shipping work.


"Stockagile is a very complete tool both in stock management and in sales control and analysis. We have been very positively surprised by the flexibility and adaptability to our specific needs."

Blas Segarra


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