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Easy and efficient inventory management

Synchronize stock across all your sales channels, keep stock updated in real time and make better purchasing decisions.

Have full control of your inventory

Have full control of your inventory

Make better purchasing decisions and optimize replenishments

analysis of product performance and faster replenishments
analysis of product performance and faster replenishments

Saves time in inventory and product management

Group 3823

Saves time in inventory and product management

"It's essential for my ecommerce and having full control of stock."

Belén Valcarce


"Stockagile has radically changed the way I work."

Adrià Machado


"Better than all the other programs I've used."

Elsa Tordjman


Discover the inventory module in a minute

All inventory management functionalities

Catalog import

Quickly upload your product catalogs to Stockagile using an Excel file and add new items in one click.

Editing products and variants

Create and modify product categories, sub-categories, variants and rates centrally.

Management of serial numbers and barcodes

Stockagile supports UPC and EAN barcodes, among others. Create SKU codes to identify product variants for even more accurate inventory.

UID and batch management

Maintain traceability of the products you sell by assigning unique references to batches.

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Label design

Create labels for your products in a simplified and personalized way and print them using your preferred printer and papers.

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Data export

You can download at any time the information of your products and decide if you want Stockagile to keep them, always ensuring privacy.

Automatic update

Instant stock update after a purchase, sale, return or movement action in your warehouses and sales channels.

Clear view of inventory

Know the inventory status of all your warehouses and stores at a glance and from anywhere.

Total and partial inventories

Perform warehouse or store counts in an agile manner and accurately verify stock levels.

Minimum stock notifications

Set minimum stock levels for all or different products to receive notifications and avoid stock-outs.

Current financial information

Control the costs of purchasing inventory, invoicing and profits that each product brings to your business.

Adjustments, transfers and localization in warehouses

When making inventory adjustments, add notes and images to indicate the reason and eliminate doubt. Make stock movements between warehouses and locate them quickly.

Instant analytics

Stockagile provides historical prices of your suppliers and evolution of your customers' demand so that you can decide without guesswork which products to invest in.

Rapid replenishment

Quickly detect products that need replenishment and speed up the process with purchase orders. automatic purchase orders. automatic purchase orders.

Receipts and returns management

Schedules the receipt of stock, manages delivery periods, returns and delivery notes.

Multiple users and roles

Create users for your employees and assign different roles according to their responsibilities.