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inside the Món Pettitó store



Mon Pettit Ó

Vilanova y la Geltrú
Retail / Fashion
Physical shop and eCommerce
Manages the family recreational space, physical point of sale and eCommerce.

We can all play and have fun

Mon Pettit Ó was born from the motherhood of Belén, an educator with a great desire to show her most creative side. She decided to open this project as a family space where you can observe, experiment and play with your children regardless of their age. It aims to change the way we look at childhood play, to give it the importance and value it deserves.

With its shop in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), Mon Pettit Ó has a large space, divided between the shop and the playroom, a place to play, create and grow. Different workshops and talks are implemented with a didactic objective.


It promotes totally inclusive play, without gender or age limits, with sustainable products that transmit values such as respect and that children feel accompanied by their families. It also has the Mammaproof Family Welcome Space certificate.

Mon Pettit Ó with StockAgile

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Belén Valcarce, from Món Petittó, sitting inside her store.

Belén Valcarce

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Founder of Mon Pettit Ó
Education - 1 Shop


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Lena Erina

Ecommerce Manager & Co-founder

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Anna Vintro

Retail Manager

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Juan Capilla

Logistics Manager