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Discover who we are


At Stockagile we understand values as a set of guidelines that guide the way we act and understand our business activity in order to achieve the vision and mission of the organization. 



For this reason, they are very important as we believe they define the personality of the business and project an image to our customers, employees and investors.


You can decide to do or not to do something, but if you do it, do it right. Quality will result in better customer satisfaction and will translate into new and longer lasting customers.


Empathize with customers. Take your time to understand their frustrations, needs and desires. Treat them well and listen to those who disagree. They are the ones who pay us.


Teamwork makes everyone's dream work. Filling in the gaps, there is no such thing as "it's not my job", or "I'm too good to do this".


Project confidence, respect your confidence. As Oriol says, we should all be able to leave our house keys with someone on the team.


Be direct and sincere, tell it like it is and as soon as possible. Hold yourself accountable and hold others accountable.


It is likely that what you do in 2 hours you can do in 1, work smart and efficiently. It is better to work one hour and rest one hour than not to work two hours. If it can be done in one afternoon, don't plan for two weeks.


The Stockagile team is characterized as a young and dynamic team with talent and a great desire to learn and go hand in hand to move forward with the objectives.



It also has multiple professions in which to learn and/or contribute experience in order to continue growing together, with quality and a good atmosphere.



Miquel Subirats

CEO & Co-founder


Joan Subirats

CTO & Co-founder


Jorge Tejero



Guglielmo Sirolli

Founder's Association


Genona Vergés

Head of HR


Marc Nebot

Head of Marketing


Matilde Pinto

Customer Support Manager


Oriac Perez

Tech Lead


Cesc Vilaubi

Sales Manager


Magali Puig

Product Manager


Marina Rodriguez

Account Manager

#F1AF2F (2)-modified

Adrià Baeza

Content Manager


Juan Clusellas

QA Developer


Eulalia Ribas

Customer Support


Sergi Mestres

Full Stack Developer


Eduard Capeta

Jr. Account Executive


Miquel Martin



Geovanny Ruiz

Audiovisual Content Creator


Mar Fole

Customer Success


Martin Olivares

Customer Support


Josep Mercadal

Full Stack developer


David Talavera

Full Stack Developer


Mar Jimenez

Account Executive

Untitled design (30)-modified

Mostafa Ibrahim

Flutter Developer


Àlex Paret


Let's enjoy together!

Under this idea we wanted to make our offices something that goes far beyond desks...

We have some spaces where we can train personally and professionally in different workshops and courses as well as a place to relax, spend time, rest and above all ENJOY!

Training courses

The company, working within Barcelona Activa and also being part of Lanzadera, has multiple courses that they offer to continue training their workers and have the opportunity to grow within the company.

Happy Beer!

Every Thursday from 5 p.m. onwards, employees can open their first beer and toast together.

Snacks & Food

In the office we have a space with snacks, fruit, drinks and above all coffee!

Workshops & Open library:

We have several workshops for employees to understand how the whole company works and how their colleagues in different departments work.


In this company we value fun very much. That's why we have the Happy Beer! where after work everyone is invited to continue with the beers outside the office. We also organize from time to time a teambuilding activity to get to know your colleagues.

And soon much more...

In the technological heart of Barcelona


Stockagile is located in the 22@ district of Barcelona, in the Barcelona Activa building, a startup incubator designed to support the process of business creation and entrepreneurship. 

We currently have 3 large bright physical spaces where we develop the activity and work in the best conditions according to our needs. These spaces are adapted according to each activity of the company, and also have multifunctional areas where we can discuss, create and relax.

Photos of different activities

Do you want to be part of our team?