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Easier picking for you and faster delivery for your customers

Stockagile connects all your sales channels and centralizes the management of your online orders with complete stock visibility.

stockagile functionalities for online order preparation, pre-sales management, order exporting and product localization

Automatic selection of the preparation storage location

Streamlines fulfillment with easy picking and packing

Optimize stock purchasing with pre-sale orders

stockagile software functionalities for stock control in different channels, product editing, tariffs and shipment status

Keep track of sales orders and stock in all channels

Edit your products in one place, apply changes to all or only some channels

stockagile software functionalities for stock control in different channels, product editing, tariffs and shipment status
ipad screen with stockagile software where you can make exchanges and returns of online orders in store

Make exchanges and returns hassle-free for your customers

Centralize your customer information

Synchronize your ecommerce and marketplaces

Easily open new sales channels

"It's essential for my ecommerce and having full control of stock."

Belén Valcarce


"Stockagile has radically changed the way I work."

Adrià Machado


"Better than all the other programs I've used."

Elsa Tordjman


All order management functionalities

Centralized order management

Easily access a list with the details of all online sales orders: order number, origin code, ecommerce, customer, payment and shipping status.

Product localization

Stockagile automatically assigns the optimal warehouse or store to prepare orders based on stock levels.

Real-time inventory and sales control

Check stock and sales in your channels from anywhere and at any time. Stockagile keeps them updated in real time, through automatic synchronization.

Order picking with barcode scanning

Recibe los pedidos y exporta un documento con toda la información necesaria para ubicarlos. Prepáralos escaneando los códigos de barra de los productos.

Integration with ecommerce and marketplaces

Receive all your sales orders from your ecommerce and marketplaces in one place. Stockagile integrates with Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Zalando, Amazon and more.

Pre-sale orders

Sell without having stock yet and buy only the products of the sales you have closed.

Generation of labels for all the products in the order

Create the labels in one click, the products and their information will be added according to the order.

Invoice and ticket creation

Stockagile automatically creates the invoice or purchase ticket to be sent after an online sales order.

Product editing

Keep your product information such as categories, variants and rates always up to date. Edit in one place and choose in which channels you want to apply the changes.

Customer purchase information

Manage your customer information omnichannel between web and physical stores.

Access to sales orders from the POS

Make exchanges, returns and online orders in the physical stores without friction.

Returns and exchange management

Offer exchange and return policies for online orders that generate confidence in your customers so that they will want to buy again.

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Inventory management and sales for stores, ecommerce and B2B