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Sergi Salguero / Javier Girón
Retail / Fashion / Styling
1 App
Styling creation, consultancy, personal shopper, retail, brand purchases, warehouse management and online App management.

The Personal Styling Concept

PenGr is the only ecommerce created by fashion stylists presented on Web and App that facilitates and enhances online fashion shopping. Your stylist pre-selects looks and garments especially for you, saving you time, money and increasing the chances of your purchase being 100% satisfactory.

Your PenGr goes shopping for you and brings it to you wherever you are, whether at home or in the office and best of all; it advises you while you try on the clothes and takes away the ones you don't want. 

Nowadays, when buying clothes via the web, there are a number of disadvantages to mention: not knowing when you will receive them, the certainty that the product you will receive will be what you expect. 

Pengr's platform is unique and revolutionary, bringing personalised image consultancy, personal shopper and styling services within the reach of all budgets, hitherto exclusive to the upper social classes.

Pengr with StockAgile

For Sergi Saltado, stock control, sales and purchase management, invoicing and the production of labels in different formats are some of the functionalities he uses most.


We love it because it is very easy and intuitive to integrate and classify all the garments and it helps us a lot in the management of logistics and order status.

Thanks to Stock Agile, I can easily and comfortably manage the entire life cycle of my garments. From the selection, shipment and fitting at the customer's home, to the sale of the garment itself!