Agile brand management for rapid growth

Stockagile is the brand management software that will allow you to open new online sales channels and unify and optimise all your business operations to save time, reduce costs and be more competitive.
Stockagile software functionalities in one visual image


Intuitive and fast. It perfectly meets all expectations in a shop management programme.


Xavier Burgell

Blaw Store


Stockagile has radically changed the way I work. I have all my business in one place.


Adrià Machado



Better than all the other programs I have used. A serious platform and dedicated to its customers.


Elsa Tordjman

Nina Kendosa

Managing your brand's supply chain more effectively

Do you need to bring more products to market or faster than ever? StockAgile will allow you to take control of your brand's entire product lifecycle, centralising and optimising all operations.

Stockagile panel showing the available variants of some Sneakers, as well as the sales made of them.

Create, design and plan your product collections.

Centrally manage all your product information across all your sales channels. Analyse their entire life cycle to make decisions that make your business grow.

Showroom management and pre-sales

Manage your showroom and make pre-sales, before sending your products to manufacture, in an agile way and with the best experience for your customers.

inventory section of the stockagile software showing 4 variants of the same product and the stock of each in their respective locations.

Plan and analyse your production and manufacturing orders.

Simplify, centralise and optimise your product manufacturing operations with Stockagile's manufacturing management software for modern brands.

Manage your inventory

Gain greater control and visibility of your inventory across all your sales channels and locations. Make quick and effective business decisions.

Stockagile panel showing the available variants of some Sneakers, as well as the sales made of them.

Manage your orders

Take control of all your sales orders, track them, make full or partial shipments, generate delivery notes, order catalogues, optimise the entire sales cycle, control who has paid you, what they owe you, and in general, enjoy the process.

B2B Ecommerce

Offer your customers a seamless, fast and convenient shopping experience without having to leave your business.

Manage your shops

The point of sale software to get the most out of your shops and popup stores. Control all your sales, cash movements and many more options.

Synchronise your online shop

Designed to facilitate stock management between warehouses and physical shops with the online shop.

All channels, all customers

Stockagile is created to provide a solution for different types of retailers and all their needs, be it brand, wholesale, distribution, retail, online, offline, marketplace, single or multi-store... or any combination of these.


Create items, plan your production, make pre-sales and send purchase orders to your manufacturers.



Streamline your processes and track your orders and invoicing more accurately.



Analyse your sales, automate your replenishments. Everything a shop needs to grow without brakes.


Online Shops

Synchronise your items, your stock and your orders. Connect the online and offline world.



On-site team training.
Express training for new employees.
Configuration and import of initial data.
Installation of equipment and devices.
Creation and maintenance of online shops.
Integration of StockAgile with your online shop.
Technical support 24×7.