StockAgile Point of Sale
for shops and shops

StockAgile Point of Sale is the POS that will perfect the way you work.

Manage and grow your shops like never before.

The StockAgile POS uses the latest technologies to not only help you sell, but to learn what you are selling, understand your customers better, optimise seasonality and start selling more. With minimal installation, the point of sale can be opened from any tablet, computer or point of sale that simply has a browser and internet access.

Point of sale

Everything your shop needs to sell with agility.

Optimise your business

Everything your business needs to grow.

Marketing and customer loyalty

Analyse your customers' behaviour and export data for marketing campaigns.

analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting

Improve your business by analysing everything you are selling. Have all the data in the palm of your hand and in real time.

Motivate your sales team

Motivate, train and follow up your salespeople to maximise your sales.

People counter

Count the number of people entering your shop to get conversion data, train your sales staff and boost your window displays.

Perfect for companies like yours





On-site team training.
Express training for new employees.
Configuration and import of initial data.
Installation of equipment and devices.
Creation and maintenance of online shops.
Integration of StockAgile with your online shop.
Technical support 24×7.

All channels, all customers

StockAgile is created to provide a solution for different types of retailers and all their needs, be it brand, wholesale, distribution, retail, online, offline, marketplace, single or multi-store... or any combination of these.


Create items, plan your production, make pre-sales and send purchase orders to your manufacturers.



Streamline your processes and track your orders and invoicing more accurately.



Analyse your sales, automate your replenishments. Everything a shop needs to grow without brakes.


Online Shops

Synchronise your items, your stock and your orders. Connect the online and offline world.

Some of our clients

For us every customer is a partner with whom we will grow together,
our mission is to take their business to the next level.