Optimize your store management and e-commerce with a single software

stockagile features


of management time could be spent on making sales.


of business closures are due to poor stock management.

on 95%

of shops could sell more if they took advantage of their databases.

Do it all with Stockagile

Simplify and centralise purchases, control your points of sale, manage inventory and warehouses, do invoicing and much more. All from a single platform.

Connect all your physical and online shops.

Get started without hassle. With a simple set-up, you can access your new management system from any tablet management system from any tablet, computer or smartphone. To manage all your points of sale, all you need is a device with internet access and a browser.

Access whenever you want, wherever you want.

Know all your sales and inventory changes in real time. This tool is connected to the cloud so you can check the status of your business at any time.


With Stockagile's product variant manager you can comprehensively control the seasons, categories, brands, sizes, colours, composition, prices and seasons, categories, brands, sizes, colours, composition, prices and locations in your stores. shops.

You'll know it like the back of your hand.

Your team won't waste time on training, the intuitive look and feel of this tool makes it quick and easy to use.

It goes much further in much less time.

Expand your business horizons with Stockagile. Connect your physical shop to online sales channels such as e-commerces, marketplaces (Amazon, Zalando, Shopify, eBay...) or social networks, and Stockagile will do the work for you. The stock and catalogues of the sales channels and physical shop will be automatically synchronised and updated in real time.

Where the best decisions are made

Visualise all the inventory of your sales channels and all your shops in a clear and detailed way, in a single platform. React earlier and make effective business decisions. You will avoid stock-outs and have control of your expenses.

Get the most out of lists

of customers.

Build customer loyalty and keep potential buyers coming back. With Stockagile you can access databases and purchase histories of your customers to send accumulated discounts and reward them. Send relevant promotions and messages to users who did not complete their purchases and increase your sales opportunities.

Download Stockagile's app for iOs and Android

Xavier Burgell, owner of Blaw store posing inside one of his stores in Barcelona.

"The information provided by stockagile in real time of everything that happens in my company is essential to be able to make the right decisions and move forward with the business."

Xavier Burgell

Founder of Blawstore
FASHION - 7 Stores


And that's not all...

Enjoy all the advantages of Stockagile plus great benefits that will help you master your business.

Compatible with almost everything

The tool works with most thermal printers, cash registers and barcode readers on the market. barcode readers on the market.

Cobra as you prefer

From cash and credit cards to gift cards and vouchers. You can also use different payment methods in the same sale.

Multiple cash registers and vendors

With Stockagile you can work with several cash registers per shop and even have different salespeople for each cash register. Create multiple users, assign roles and identify each sale with its salesperson.