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Purchasing management

Purchasing management software for fast-growing modern brands. Stockagile purchasing management software allows you to visualise all the data you need to make agile and appropriate decisions to grow your brand.

Metrics and analytics of sales, stock levels and product margins.

Centralised management of your suppliers

Centralise all information and historical information on each of your suppliers, make notes on communications, invoicing data and collaborate with procurement teams to know when orders and payments are due.

Smart planning, buy well, sell well

Avoid overbuying, reduce risk. Avoid inventory shortages and surpluses thanks to Stockagile's visibility and transparency of stock. With Stockagile's product metrics you can learn from each purchase to optimise the next one, based on product type, sales channel, brand and category.

Sell faster and with higher margins

This and more can be achieved by having the right data and analysing it properly. Give your sales team the tool that will allow them to study inventory and sales to make meaningful purchases.

Avoid mistakes with suppliers

Stockagile allows you to export catalogues with photos of purchase orders, minimising error options as much as possible.

Track every action of the purchase order

Control every action on a purchase order by knowing when and by whom. Purchase orders are critical to supply chain management and need to be constantly monitored to take quick action if necessary.

Control costs

Easily calculate product costs and keep track of real margins to optimise your sales strategy. Enter manufacturing costs along with transport, insurance, customs and taxes. Know your profits to scale your business.

Fast receipt of purchase orders

The tool for validation and confirmation of receipts allows you to quickly account for receipts of purchase orders to avoid stock errors by ensuring that incoming stock is correct.

Control shipment and delivery dates

Control your inventory by anticipating shipping and delivery dates with the shipping and receiving calendar. Plan purchases using sales metrics. Anticipate the preparation of marketing campaigns before products are received.

Quickly distribute incoming goods to your other locations

Generate transfers quickly to other warehouses or shops as soon as purchase orders are received.

Quickly label incoming goods

Quickly generate labels for items immediately upon receipt of purchase orders.

Controls the invoicing and payment of purchases

Process your supplier invoices and monitor payment status and due dates.