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Get a commission for recommending Stockagile!

Refer other companies to use Stockagile and for each one that becomes a client you will receive a commission of up to €5,000 (credited when funds are received from the referral).

General conditions:

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Lluis Buxo | Co-founder of Shon Mott

Stockagile Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Date of last update: 03/10/2023


  • Customer Promoter: Current Stockagile user who makes a recommendation.
  • Referred Company: New company that registers in Stockagile through the recommendation of the Customer Promoter.
  • Referral Award: An amount of €500 is awarded to the Promoter Customer for each store that hires the Referred Company.
  • Activation Payment: First payment of 500€ made by the Referred Company to Stockagile.
  • Store: A physical location operated by the Referred Business.
  • Online Business: A business operated exclusively through online platforms without physical stores.
  • Wholesale Business: A business that focuses on wholesaling rather than retailing.

2. Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program, the Referring Customer must be in good standing with Stockagile, which means no outstanding payments or violations of Stockagile’s terms of service.

3. How to Refer:

4. Conditions for the Reference Award:

The Customer Promoter can recommend companies by filling out the recommendation form found on the following page

5. Limitations

  1. The Referral Award will be granted only after the Referred Business has made an Activation Payment.
  2. The Referral Award will be issued within 30 days of the Referred Company’s Activation Payment.
  3. A Referral Award of €500 will be granted for each Store contracted by the Referred Company, with a maximum of €5000 (equivalent to 10 Stores).
  4. In the case of Pure Online Businesses and Wholesale Businesses, they will be considered as a single Storefront business and the Referral Award will be €500.
  5. A single invoice of 500€ (including VAT) is required for the service or product to be redeemed. Stockagile reserves the right to withhold or revoke the Referral Award if the transaction is suspected to be fraudulent or if the service or product does not meet its ethical standards.
  6. If the customer prefers (or no agreement is reached as to the products/services on which to redeem the prize, it will be applied in the form of a discount of the Subscription that the Promoter Customer pays to Stockagile discounting a maximum of 50% until the amount corresponding to the Reference Prize has been paid.

6. Taxes

  1. Any tax burden associated with the Referral Award is the sole responsibility of the Promoter Client.
  2. The 500€ prize includes taxes.

7. Termination and Changes:

Stockagile reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of the Referral Program at any time, with or without notice.

8. Applicable Law:

These terms are governed by the laws of the country/jurisdiction in which Stockagile operates.

9. Contact:

For any questions regarding the Referral Program, please contact .