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About us

We help businesses that want to streamline their management, have more control over their business and manage all their processes from a single platform.

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For us every customer is a partner with whom we will grow together, our mission is to take their business to the next level.

Our history

Stockagile was born in 2019 as a result of the need to save the family business, a small business with stock problems that lacked a tool with a level of technological development, in a simple and understandable way. From the hand of two computer engineer brothers, Miquel and Joan Subirats, passionate about programming and entrepreneurship, came the idea of developing a unique program where their experience in startups and knowledgeable about the fashion industry would facilitate its growth.

The absence of a localized retail program to observe the different Kpi's was non-existent. So they focused on studying the entire chain of operations of the product as well as the members that compose it, understanding the needs from a base was the main objective to define the project. The goal is to help businesses that want to streamline their management, have more control over their stock and manage from a platform all their processes in real time, leaving behind more traditional and complex methods.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to simplify and automate the management of retail companies, so that anyone can buy, manage stock and sell in multiple online and offline sales channels, from anywhere.


Stockagile wants to be the leading ERP for retail businesses, digitizing operations, connecting online and offline sales channels and solving needs in an agile and easy way.





Stockagile team at work in the Barcelona office.

Our founders


When they developed the tool; they saw the opportunity. They had created a very powerful program that could help many businesses manage their business. 

They started working with Blawstore, a reference fashion company, which allowed them to know the real needs of all the processes that the stores had to follow. Growing from within with Blawstore, in 2019 they constituted the company with a novel, very complete and useful product.

Our investors


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In the technological heart of Barcelona


Stockagile is located in the [email protected] district of Barcelona, in the Barcelona Activa building, a startup incubator designed to support the process of business creation and entrepreneurship. 

We currently have 3 large bright physical spaces where we develop the activity and work in the best conditions according to our needs. These spaces are adapted according to each activity of the company, and also have multifunctional areas where we can discuss, create and relax.

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