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Shop and business management course


In this online course you will learn the structure and operation of creating and managing shops, with their main areas, operations and objectives so that you can take your business to its maximum performance.


Miquel Subirats

Co-founder & CEO of Stockagile

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Updated on 02/12/2021

What will you learn in this course?


In this management guide for shops and businesses you will learn everything you need to know to get started in the world of commerce and become a professional in retail management. The importance of knowing the factors and elements that influence your day-to-day results.

You will start with an introduction to the general functioning of retail sales shops, where you will learn about the main areas of operation, their objectives and functions. The variables to take into account for the development of a coherent commercial and financial strategy to boost your shop.

With this guide to retail management you will acquire the necessary skills to organise, carry out and control your business in all the areas it involves. Coordinate and lead the sales team and supervise promotion, customer service, product display and after-sales activities.

Who is this guide for?

  • People who own their retail business and their team
  • Specialists in various areas of retailing
  • Anyone wishing to start their own retail business


  • How retail trade works
  • Distribution and intermediaries
  • Organisation, structure and objectives
  • Legal steps to open a business
  • What is the success of your trade
  • Delivering customer value
  • Margin and profitability
  • Determine store hours
  • Looking after your profitability
  • Pricing: Price optimisation
  • Process and types of promotions
  • Markdowns: How much should we liquidate the stock?
  • Customer orientation
  • Consumer purchasing behaviour
  • Value proposition and market segment
  • Definition of the type of customer or buyer persona
  • Selecting a good location for the establishment
  • The image of the shop
  • The marketing mix
  • Insurance of the shop and its contents
  • Management role of salespeople
  • Motivation of salespeople
  • Staff selection
  • Develop your team
  • Assess your staff
  • Communication between staff
  • Types of contract
  • Timetable management
  • Creating targets
  • Holiday management
  • Roles in the shop
  • Legal requirements of the shop
  • Life cycle of a season
  • Management of products and promotions during the sales
  • Sales organisation, control and analysis
  • Goods receipt
  • Management and location of stock in the warehouse
  • Warehouse management
  • Sales, returns, refunds and gift cards
  • Cash count
  • Cleaning
  • Security and burglar alarms
  • Methods of payment
  • Training in assisted selling
  • Commercial effectiveness
  • Communication process
  • Selling methods
  • The role of the salesperson
  • The trade salesman
  • Sales process
  • Objections, incidents and complaints from customers.
  • Preparation and introduction to the sales process
  • Sales support technique: development phase
  • Technique for finalising the sales process: closing and follow up
  • The telephone.
  • Importance of good after-sales service
  • Types of after-sales service
  • Legal obligations
  • Customer disputes and complaints
  • Invoice and simplified invoice
  • Proformas and delivery notes
  • Legal obligations and forms to be submitted
  • Internet as a sales channel
  • Business relations via the Internet
  • Utilities of online systems
  • Internet trading models
  • Online servers
  • The Internet user as a potential and actual customer
  • Commercial criteria in website design
  • Online shops
  • Means of payment on the Internet

The course is not finished yet, we are publishing the content week by week. 

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