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Alejandro Ribó
Retail / Children's Fashion
Shopping, warehouse management, prepare online orders, API connected to the application.

Shopping for your children has never been easier. 

Surmile is a lifestyle: Surprise & Smile. Its mission is to help people by making their lives easier and helping them discover new brands and products, while our algorithm predicts what items the little one will need through a unique technology that allows its product and styling team to lovingly prepare personalised boxes.

Making the difference thanks to its app for its functionalities and algorithm, knowing better the needs of each client and establishing a simple and fluid process.

Now it's your turn to enjoy Surmile.

Receive your box every two months and pay only what is left over.

It is a bimonthly box for children from 0 to 10 years old. From 6-8 pieces of fashion, footwear, accessories, childcare, books, toys and experiences. You only pay for what you keep and return the rest. No delivery or return costs. 20% discount if you keep the whole box.

Surmile with StockAgile

We use the eCommerce module and have integrated with their API Rest to synchronise all orders in our App and all stock in the warehouse in real time. Dashboards are very useful, they help you to see a real picture of your business.

This is the ERP we have been looking for for 11 months. The dashboards are very intuitive to keep under control the main kpi's of the company, and we have successfully passed an integration with their API!

StockAgile is a very complete tool for both stock management and sales control and analysis. We have been very positively surprised by its flexibility and adaptability to our specific needs.