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Your smart dataphone, connected to your business

Optimize your sales processes with the Stockagile smart dataphone for stores, which connects all your business payments in a single platform.

Accept any payment method with confidence

Collect from your customers without errors, quickly and securely.

Build customer loyalty by improving their experience

Saves time in bank reconciliation

Monitor the activity of all terminals in your stores

Commission per transaction in
physical point of sale:

from 0.45%.

In e-commerce:

from 0.45% + 0.09 €.

Dataphone for only:

19€ / month

Special promotion:

Enjoy these launch conditions for a limited time only.
*Please consult specific conditions for different types of cards.

Our dataphone for stores



An all-in-one Android dataphone with printer.

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Stockagile Payments Terms and Conditions

Description of the Service:
The dataphone provided by Caixabank (Comercia Global Payments) is an Android terminal with barcode reader and thermal printer. This device allows for sales and collection transactions.

Integration with Stockagile:

The dataphone is integrated with Stockagile, simplifying the collection process. By selecting the “Charge by card” option from Stockagile, the amount to be paid is automatically initialized, avoiding manual errors by the user.

3. Transfer Process:

It is not necessary to have a Caixabank account. The collected funds are transferred to the designated bank account within D+1 or D+2.
4. Fees by Type of Card:
The following fees will apply depending on the type of card used by the customer:

Domestic debit card (consumer): 0.45%.
National or EU credit card (consumer): 0.60%.
National company card: 1.00%.
International card (outside the EU): 2.30%.

5. Monthly Cost:

Caixabank will directly invoice the monthly cost of 19€ for the use of the dataphone.