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Controlled and quality manufacturing

Accurately calculate your manufacturing needs thanks to a real-time analysis of your sales, manage the procurement of raw materials and control all costs.

Stockagile raw materials manufacturing and inventory management.

Control the costs and manufacturing materials of your products

Stockagile allows you to create the technical data sheets of your products, entering the necessary raw materials, according to materials, sizes, sizes and variants. Enter added costs such as labor or transportation to calculate unit costs for each product.

Raw material management

Manage the stock of your raw materials to control the production capacity of your companies and avoid stock-outs.

Accurate purchasing for accurate production

Make purchases of raw materials taking into account your current stock to be able to supply the manufacturing of your customers' sales orders.

Production and pre-sales on demand

Control your production capacity in real time. Calculate your raw material stock requirements based on sales.

Simplified manufacturing

Whether in-house or outsourced, it controls production processes, costs, materials required, losses and wastage.

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