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An easy-to-use Point of Sale with everything you need in your stores

Stockagile's point-of-sale software allows you to manage sales in your physical and online stores, with full control of inventory.

Connection of POS software with online store

Intuitive sales functionalities

Real-time store analytics

Real-time inventory management and updating

Stock inquiry

New customer file with available balance, sales made and shipping method

Loyalty tools

Sells online, delivers in store; sells in store, delivers to your home

Different options for product label design customization with Stockagile

Quick labeling

Easy configuration and compatibility

Ticket personalization

"It's essential for my ecommerce and having full control of stock."

Belén Valcarce


"Stockagile has radically changed the way I work."

Adrià Machado


"Better than all the other programs I've used."

Elsa Tordjman


Discover the point-of-sale module in 1 minute

All Point of Sale functionalities

Multi-device and multi-user sales

Stockagile is a cloud-based software that adapts to any device (with or without touch screen) and operating system (Mac, Linux Windows, Android or iOS).

Visualization of stock status

Don't miss any sales opportunity thanks to cash register access to inventory and check stock status in all warehouses and stores.

POS connection with online stores

Stockagile integrates with Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Zalando and via API to your online sales channels.

Customer loyalty

Create customer records, manage contacts, consult their purchase history and apply personalized promotions.

Gift Cards

Offer alternatives to your customers with personalized gift cards and promote your store.

Quick product localization

Locate the products in your store by simply scanning their barcode. Locate them in your stores and warehouses.

Multiple sales at the same time

Open multiple cash registers, serve multiple customers at the same time and improve their shopping experience in your store.

Multiple payment methods

Accepts payment by credit card, cash or bank transfer and offers different payment methods in the same sale.

Sales drafts

Save time by preparing sales and saving them as a draft until the customer is ready to pay.

Application of discounts

Keep your customers coming back by applying personalized and timely discounts based on their purchase history and marketing actions.

Returns, refunds and vouchers

Make returns easily by scanning the barcode of a sale and return the amount in cash or credit card, offer vouchers to avoid the return of the amount and build customer loyalty.

Tickets: personalization and printing

Create different tickets (purchase or gift) for your stores and print them with thermal printer. Add private and/or visible notes. A4 + ECOticket

Clear activity and cash closings

Stockagile monitors all checkout activity in real time to give you greater control over payment methods, sales and cash. It also adds notes when withdrawing cash.

Cash count

Our graphical tool helps you count cash so that you waste as little time as possible.

Safe opening of the cash drawer

Connect the drawer to the Stockagile point of sale to synchronize its opening with or without security code.