Start today and save save 50% for for 3 months!

Start now and save save 50% for for 3 months! →

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Centralize your online sales and save time

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All your online sales in one place


Integration with ecommerce

Connection of products, stock, orders and customers with ecommerce like Shopify, Wix, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, etc. And via API for custom web pages.

Integration with marketplaces

Connecting products, stock and orders with marketplaces like Amazon, Woocomerce, PrestaShop, Hipercalzado, Shopify and more.

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Accurate and always up-to-date inventory

Real-time stock update

Stockagile updates the stock level every second so you can stop worrying and focus on growing your business.

Seamless synchronization with sales channels

Forget about counting stock by channel, our software adjusts the stock in all your points of sale so that there are never mismatches or oversales.

Agile product management and editing

With an intuitive interface, edit all your product information from a single panel.

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Fulfillment easy for you and fast for your customers


Centralized order picking

Receive all your orders from multiple sales channels in the Stockagile dashboard and save time in management.

Editing, prioritization and tracking of shipments

Modify the status of your orders, order them and know at any moment in which stage of shipment they are.

Professional invoices and labels

Put your brand image on invoices and shipping labels and customize them according to the sales platform.

Better returns and exchanges experience

Do you have a physical store? Connect it to Stockagile to offer returns or exchanges of online purchases in store without any hassle, thanks to POS/Web synchronization.

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Intuitive and fast. It perfectly meets all expectations in a shop management programme.


Xavier Burgell

Blaw Store

Stockagile has radically changed the way I work. I have all my business in one place.


Adrià Machado


Better than all the other programs I have used. A serious platform and dedicated to its customers.


Elsa Tordjman

Nina Kendosa

Stockagile App

Scan barcodes and check the availability of your products in your stores, from your smartphone or tablet.

And now?

1. Request a demonstration

Book a date and time with the sales team to find out how Stockagile can help your online business.

2. Get started easily 

Upload your products to our cloud software with xls or xlsx file and connect your favorite e-commerce and marketplaces.

3. Manage your first order!

Frequently Asked Questions frequently asked questions

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in technology, you have come to the right program. We help you through the whole process.

Stockagile is the solution for those who want to optimize the management of their business, especially stock management between different online and physical sales channels. The software is in the cloud, so it is possible to access and work from anywhere and from any device. 

We work daily to perfect and update the tool, its functions and integrations so that you always have the best technology for your business. 

You can experience the benefits of using Stockagile yourself at no cost with the free 14-day trial. In addition, you can request a demo with our sales team and resolve any concerns or questions about the program.

In less than a minute you can sign up for free or with a paid plan and start using Stockagile.


Once you have created your account, the first step is to import your products into Stockagile with a file in .xls or .xlsx format, also known as Excel format.


For an optimal import, you can follow these recommendations on the preparation of product files and customer lists: 


- Prepare a spreadsheet with all your inventory, including all the products, their prices, barcodes and SKU's. (If you have already created your Stockagile account, you can download the template to fill out made by us).


- Prepare a separate spreadsheet with your customer database. (If you have already created your Stockagile, you can download the template to fill in made by us).


If you would like more information or need help getting started with Stockagile you can consult the following articles in our Academy or request help: 

- Inventory: import products with excel

You can start using Stockagile with the 14-day free trial, without providing any payment method.

At any time you can subscribe to the plan that best suits your needs. The tiered pricing model allows you to pay only for the tools you use according to the size of your company. 

Plans start at 39€ per month and you can upgrade your plan at any time. 


You can cancel your Stockagile subscription at any time.

Stockagile supports any number of products. You can import existing barcodes and SKU's in an xls. or xlsx file. Or, if you create the product manually using Stockagile's product sheets, you can add the codes and SKU's using a code reader.

In addition, labels can be created and designed according to your needs, suitable for normal printers or label printers. They are also compatible with all barcode readers.

It is possible to synchronize products and stock in real time with the following e-commerces: Shopify, Prestahop, Woocomerce and soon Magento. 

Stockagile automatically synchronizes stock with Zalando and Amazon marketplaces. It is possible to integrate other marketplaces such as Hipercalzado and Miinto for other functionalities than stock synchronization.

In addition, management tools such as Holded or other accounting software can be integrated.

You can use any tablet, mobile, laptop, desktop or touch point-of-sale terminal you have to work with Stockagile. And yes, Stockagile works great on an iPad.

You can get the system up and running by accessing our website or by creating a shortcut on your own POS. Sign up for Stockagile and check out our Academy to learn about all the utilities of the software.

Stockagile adapts to any size and growth of business, it has the capacity to manage from one to hundreds of stores. You can add or delete point of sale locations with just one click. With our platform you only pay for the tools you need and you can change your plan whenever you want.

Stockagile can be used anywhere. The currency will be applied automatically at setup time according to the country you choose. You can create custom tax rules (and even tax groups) and payment methods.

In addition, Stockagile is multilingual and we are constantly working to add more languages.

You can contact the support team from within the program, whether you are already subscribed to one of our plans or you are in the free trial version. 

In addition, you have at your disposal the Stockagile Academy, a training resource center where you can solve all your doubts about the program.

Yes, we know how valuable your data is, that's why we take the necessary steps to make sure you never lose anything. You can unsubscribe from the service at any time and when you reactivate your account you will retain all data and processes at the point they were at prior to cancellation.

All of Stockagile 's sales functions work with an Internet connection. In order to have the data updated in real time with the web or other marketplaces, Internet is required. In case your WiFi connection fails, you can access from a cell phone with data. 


Stockagile is in the cloud so it allows you to work from any device and anywhere you are.