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Features for retail automation

Stockagile offers multiple tools in a single intelligent operating system, available for subscription plans.

Explore all features:

Product Management (PIM)

All the tools you need to keep your product information always up to date, create barcodes, labels and traceability of your products.

Catalog import

Quickly upload your product catalogs to Stockagile using an Excel file and add new items in a single click.

Editing products and variants

Create and modify product categories, sub-categories, variants and rates centrally.

Label and barcode generator

Create UPC, EAN and SKU barcodes to identify product variants for even more accurate inventory.

UID's, batches and traceability

Maintain traceability of the products you sell by assigning unique references or batches.

Label design

Create and modify product categories, sub-categories, variants and rates centrally.

Data export

Download your product information at any time and decide if you want Stockagile to keep it, always ensuring privacy.

Product feed csv

Sell your products on various channels and social networks with a product feed in csv format.

Customized product attributes

Add custom attributes to products for greater flexibility.

Multiple selling rates

Adapt your pricing strategies with multiple selling rates.

Multiple supplier pricing

Choose from several suppliers and strategically adjust your prices to maximize margins.

Supplier price history

Access full price history for informed decision making.

Weighted cost price calculation

Assign weighted values to your products considering all associated costs to maximize your profits.

Collection management

Organize your inventory with the creation of collections for more efficient management.

Point of Sale (POS)

Start selling instantly with Stockagile’s POS software, perfectly integrated with your business inventory. Add multiple points of sale and users easily, and enhance your sales experience with our integrated dataphone.

Point of Sale Software

Boost your sales with intuitive and easy-to-use software.

POS Hardware

A portable dataphone connected to the point-of-sale software that allows you to accept multiple payment methods without interruption.

POS connection with online stores

Stockagile integrates with Woocommerce, Shopify, Amazon, Zalando and via API to your online sales channels.

Multi-device and multi-user sales

Perform sales operations simultaneously from several devices and users.

Visualization of stock status

Don’t miss any sales opportunity and access inventory at checkout to locate items in other stores.

Transfers and stock movements between stores

Distribute stock and make movements between stores with a detailed transfer register.

Gift cards

Offer alternatives to your customers with personalized gift cards and promote your store.

Quick product localization

Locate the products in your store by simply scanning their barcode. Locate them in your stores and warehouses.

Multiple sales at the same time

Open multiple cash registers, serve multiple customers at the same time and improve their shopping experience in your store.

Multiple payment methods

Accepts payment by credit card, cash or bank transfer and offers different payment methods in the same sale.

Sales drafts

Save time by preparing sales and saving them as a draft until the customer is ready to pay.

Application of discounts

Apply personalized and timely discounts according to your purchase history and marketing actions.

Returns, refunds and vouchers

Manage returns easily by scanning the barcode of a sale and return the amount in cash or card, offer vouchers and build customer loyalty.

Tickets: personalization and printing

Create different tickets (purchase or gift) for your stores and print them with a thermal printer. Add private and/or visible notes. A4 + ECOticket

Clear activity and cash closings

Stockagile monitors all checkout activity in real time to give you greater control over payment methods, sales and cash. Also add notes when withdrawing cash.

Cash count

Our graphical tool helps you count cash so that you waste as little time as possible.

Safe opening of the cash drawer

Connect the drawer to the Stockagile point of sale to synchronize its opening with or without security code.

People counter

Record store visits by connecting your camera to Stockagile or with a manual counter.

Commercial agent management

Efficiently coordinate your sales team, know their performance and assign objectives.

Order Management (OMS)

Manage multiple orders from multiple online channels, either retail or wholesale, in a single space. Optimize picking time with the creation of routing rules, while eliminating picking errors by automating processes in the warehouse.

Integration with ecommerce and marketplaces

B2B e-commerce and much more to improve your customers’ experience and streamline your wholesale operations.

Real-time inventory synchronization

Keep precise control of your stock with real-time synchronization across all your warehouses and sales channels.

Centralized order management

Simplify order management across multiple sales channels with a single tool.

Pre-sale orders

Ensure the sales of your launches with the creation and management of pre-sales orders.

B2B E-commerce

Offer your customers a personalized and intuitive shopping experience.

Automatic routing rules

Create rules for automatic assignment of order picking location according to different criteria. 

Picking task list preparation

Exports a document with the list of orders and the exact location of the products in the warehouse.

Picking with bar code scanning

Make sure your customers get exactly what they ordered with code scanning picking.

Shipping label printing with Sendcloud

Simplify logistics with direct printing of shipping labels via Sendcloud.

Shipment management with Sendcloud

Manage shipments with Sendcloud’s multiple integrated carrier options.

Online returns and exchange management

Facilitate returns and exchanges with efficient inbound product management.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Simplify warehouse operations, reduce errors and improve visibility at every stage of the supply chain. Manage inventory from multiple locations and know the status of stock in real time.

Registration of product entries

Simplify product entry with efficient bar code registration.

Multi-location inventory management

Control and manage stock levels in multiple locations.

Automatic purchase orders

Streamline stock replenishment with automatic purchase orders based on inventory levels.

Transfers and stock movements

Performs stock transfers between warehouses with accurate recording of movements.

Automatic replenishment

Maintain optimal inventory levels with intelligent automatic replenishment.

FIFO, LIFO, ABC, chaotic, by category systems

Customize your inventory management with various storage systems.

Automatic routing rules

Create rules for automatic assignment of order picking location according to different criteria.

Picking sheet preparation and assignment

Exports a document with the list of orders and the exact location of the products in the warehouse.

Picking with bar code scanning

Make sure your customers get exactly what they ordered with code scanning picking.

Management of the work of warehouse personnel

Coordinates warehouse personnel tasks, workload and availability.

Analytics and Replenishment (BI)

Get a 360º view of your business through accurate data: from sales to store performance, stock, purchases and more. With all this information at your fingertips, you will be able to make strategic decisions and move forward intelligently in the growth of your business.

Inventory health

Get an overview of your inventory health: stock mismatches, product information errors and more.

Inventory analysis

Get a complete overview of your inventory with detailed analysis.

ABC analysis of inventory

Prioritize your products with an ABC analysis for more efficient management.

Automatic stock replenishment

Maintain optimal inventory levels with intelligent automatic replenishment.

Real-time analysis of store sales and activity

Keep track of everything that happens in your physical stores: sales, customers, cash movements, etc.

Store performance

Evaluate the performance of your stores to implement the necessary sales strategies.

Ranking of products sold in stores

Identify the most popular products with detailed rankings.

Purchase planning

Based on a history of your business, know the best time to purchase stock, to avoid breakage or overstocking.

Export of multiple reports

Facilitates the transfer of information with the export of reports on your business: stocks, invoices, purchases, transfers, time records…

Invoicing and Accounting (ERP)

Simplify your business invoicing with intuitive software connected to your inventory and accounting application. Creates and manages invoices in stores, online channels and warehouse in compliance with current tax regulations.

Invoice creation

Simplify invoicing with intuitive invoice creation tools.

Invoicing of store receipts or warehouse delivery notes

Efficiently manage the invoicing of store or warehouse transactions.

Multiple tax addresses

Adapt your invoicing to different tax addresses with ease.

Automatic data filling

Save time with the automatic filling of data in your customer billing processes in your database.

Registration of purchase and sales invoices, resolved and pending

Keep detailed control of your transactions with a complete record.

Calendar view of payments and collections

Plan your payments and collections with an intuitive calendar view.

Invoicing connected to inventory

Your invoicing connected in real time with your business inventory to improve stock efficiency.

TicketBAI compliance

When you invoice with Stockagile you are using a guarantor software such as KubiBAI, for the TicketBAI standard.

Printing of tickets and sending of invoices from POS

Simplify your operations by printing tickets and sending invoices directly from the point of sale.

Integration with invoicing and ERP softwares

Improve efficiency with seamless integrations with other billing and ERP software.

CRM and Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with customized loyalty programs. Collect behavioral information from your customers to learn about the products they are most interested in, their in-store experience (NPS), their purchase activity and reward them with unique discounts.

Balance accumulation program

Reward brand loyalty with customizable balance accumulation programs for your customers.

Creation of vouchers

Incentivize purchases and avoid returns with vouchers.

Personalized customer discounts

It offers exclusive offers with discounts adapted to each client….

Access from the Point of Sale

Register new customers, apply discounts and access loyalty program balances at the point of sale for an integrated experience.

Customer database analysis

Know your customers’ behavior and interests in depth with detailed database analysis.

Satisfaction surveys and NPS

Continuous improvement with customer feedback through satisfaction surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Integration with marketing applications

Boost your marketing strategy by integrating loyalty data with other applications.

Production Management (MRP)

The tools you need for a quality manufacturing process. Manage the procurement of raw materials for uninterrupted production, know where each product is in the supply chain and improve the efficiency of your factory thanks to detailed information on times and resources.

Production cost control

Optimize production costs with accurate recording and control.

Raw materials management

Ensures a constant flow of raw materials for an uninterrupted manufacturing process.

Manufacturing process control

Improve quality with detailed control of manufacturing processes.

Production and presales

Introduce presales to your processes for on-demand production.

Automatic integrations (Apps)

Connect your favorite applications to Stockagile for frictionless, end-to-end business management. The retal operating system connects via API to your online sales channels (ecommerce and marketplace), logistics, marketing, accounting and ERP applications.


Integrate your Shopify online store for barrier-free inventory management and online sales.


Integrate your Prestashop ecommerce for barrier-free inventory management and online sales.


Integrate your Woocomerce online store for barrier-free inventory management and online sales.


Connect Stockagile with Amazon and make sure your products are always available to your global audience.


Integrate Sendcloud for seamless coordination between your logistics operations and inventory and sales management.


Expand the horizons of your fashion business by connecting to Zalando, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Hyper Footwear

Increase your presence in the footwear market by connecting with Hipercalzado.


Integrate your sales, orders and stock from Miravia, the online platform for fashion, beauty, health, entertainment and home products.


Boost your email marketing strategy by connecting your customer database directly to Mailchimp.


Integrate your Sage 50 ERP to synchronize your business billing and accounting.


Integrate your Sage 200 ERP to synchronize accounting and invoicing for all your business activity.

SAP Business One

Integrate your SAP Business One ERP to synchronize your business resources (finance, expenses and invoicing).

Business Central

Integrate your ERP Business Central and synchronize your business finance and accounting information.

A3 software

Integrate your ERP A3 to have your business accounting and invoicing synchronized.


Integrate your Odoo ERP to synchronize your business billing and accounting information.

Wix (coming soon)

Integrate your Wix store and upload your products. Automate your activity.

Magento (coming soon)

Integrate your Magento store and synchronize orders, products and customers. Automate your activity.

Zapier (coming soon)

Discover the Zaps prepared for Stockagile and make integrations with a click.


Send Stockagile sales tickets, invoices, proformas and quotes to Holded automatically every time a new document is edited or created.