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The online store to scale up your wholesale sales

Offer your customers an easy and convenient shopping experience with a customized B2B online store.

custom b2b ecommerce with stockagile

Creating an ecommerce wholesaler with no effort at all

Just activate it, a platform will be generated for you.
ecommerce customized for your business. Enable your customers to improve their experience by placing B2B orders directly from your office. Allows you to track the status of your orders.

Reduces costs and chances of error

Eliminate all manual ordering processes, save time for your employees, eliminate communication errors with customers, save time spent on unnecessary calls.

More efficient sales cycles

Automate the generation of orders from your customers through Stockagile’s B2B ecommerce platform.

Empower your customers

It allows your customers to view the history of their orders, print them, visualize the number of stock per product before placing it, print catalogs, modify their data and shipping addresses.

Multiple customization options

Customize menus, banners, main colors, search filters and many other options.

Custom Domain

We offer you a custom subdomain with your company name or if you prefer, you can set up your own business domain.

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Categories, Collections and Seasons

View products by category, season or collection. Choose the easiest option depending on the type of business.

Customized catalog, choice of tariffs and multiple stock warehouses.

Choose from among all your products which ones have to appear in the catalog, choose the most convenient rate and one or more of your warehouses from where to draw and display the stock.

Notifications and emails

Send and receive email notifications of order status changes.

Optional private access

Give private access to your customers, or open the B2B store to everyone.