Synchronisation between physical shop point-of-sale
and e-commerce

Stockagile automatically synchronises your online shop with other sales channels such as your e-commerce or marketplaces.


Manage all your orders from one place

Manage your online shop's orders in the same way and from the same place as you manage your shop's orders. Control which orders placed by the online shop are prepared, shipped or delivered.

Sell more and from more places than ever before

Multiple online sales channels. Stockagile can synchronise not only your online shop, but also other sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay and many more.

Prepare your orders in two clicks

Locate, ticket and print labels for your orders in just a few clicks and prepare them in record time. Quickly locate orders using barcodes.

Saves hours of manual labour

Synchronisation with the online shop. Forget about having to update the stock of your different shops and warehouses with that of the online shop daily, wasting hours and hours of manual work. With Stockagile it will be an automatic process in real time.

Promote the items you want to promote

Choose the order in which your items will be displayed on the website, promoting the sales you are most interested in. Use our drag&drop tool to put order on your website. 

Give the option to return online sales to your physical shops.

Offer the best omni-channel experience to your customers, allowing combinations such as buying online and making exchanges or returns offline. As each sale is registered at the point of sale, all returns can be made through the channel of the customer's choice.

Combine the stock of your online shop with that of other shops or warehouses.

Forget having to rely on a single warehouse dedicated to the online shop, with Stockagile you can make the stock of the online shop, the stock of one or more shops (or warehouses) together.


"Stockagile is a very complete tool both in stock management and in sales control and analysis. We have been very positively surprised by the flexibility and adaptability to our specific needs."

Blas Segarra


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