ABC XYZ classification is a popular technique used by Category Managers to classify products according to their importance and demand. This methodology makes it possible to identify and prioritize the products that generate the greatest value for the business, as well as those that require more detailed management.

By understanding and applying this classification effectively, Category Managers can make informed decisions on product assortment, inventory planning and pricing strategies.

What is ABC XYZ classification?

The ABC XYZ classification combines two main dimensions: the ABC classification is based on product value, while the XYZ classification focuses on demand variability. Let’s look at each of these dimensions in more detail:

ABC Classification

The ABC classification is based on the Pareto principle, which states that 20% of the products generate 80% of the revenues. The products are divided into three main categories:

  1. Category A (Vital): This category includes high-value products that generate most of the income. Category Managers must pay special attention to these products and ensure that they are always available in inventory.
  2. Category B (Major): This category covers products of moderate value that contribute significantly to revenue. While they are not as critical as those in category A, they still require proper management and regular monitoring.
  3. Category C (Marginal): This category comprises low-value products that represent a small portion of total revenues. Although they are not a priority, they still play a role in the product assortment and can be considered for promotional or liquidation strategies.

XYZ classification

The XYZ classification focuses on the variability of product demand. Here, the products are divided into three categories:

  1. Category X (Stable): This category includes products with steady and predictable demand. Inventory management for these products is easier, as reliable forecasts can be made and stable stock levels can be maintained.
  2. Category Y (Intermittent): This category covers products with intermittent and less predictable demand. Category Managers must closely monitor demand and adjust inventory levels accordingly to avoid stock-outs or overages.
  3. Category Z (Erratic): This category comprises products with a highly volatile and difficult to predict demand. Inventory management for these products can be challenging, and Category Managers must use advanced forecasting techniques and flexible strategies to optimize availability.

Benefits of ABC XYZ classification

The ABC XYZ classification provides Category Managers with a solid basis for making informed product management decisions. By applying this methodology, they can obtain several benefits:

  1. Focus on the most important products: By identifying high-value products (category A) and those that generate the most variability in demand (category Z), Category Managers can devote more resources and attention to these critical items.
  2. Inventory optimization: ABC XYZ classification helps optimize inventory levels by ensuring that the most important products are available at all times, while efficiently managing variable demand.
  3. Pricing planning: With a clear understanding of product importance and demand, Category Managers can establish appropriate pricing strategies to maximize profit margins.
  4. Identification of improvement opportunities: The ABC XYZ classification reveals the products that require more detailed management and provides insights into possible areas for improvement, such as supply chain optimization, negotiation with suppliers and the introduction of new products.

ABC XYZ Analysis Formula in Excel

Finally, I would like to share with you an Excel template so that you can apply the ABCXYZ formula to your business.

Simply enter your sales data and you will find out which products (AX) you should always keep in stock and try to get rid of those products that are more volatile and less in demand (CZ). Download your free template here:


ABC XYZ classification is a powerful tool for Category Managers, enabling them to make informed decisions on product management and inventory optimization. By understanding the importance and demand for products, Category Managers can maximize sales, improve profitability and provide a satisfying shopping experience for customers. Applying this methodology requires rigorous analysis and constant attention, but the benefits obtained make it worth the effort.

In short, ABC XYZ classification is the secret behind Category Managers’ success in effective product management. By implementing this methodology, retailers can improve their profitability and offer an optimal product selection to meet customer needs.

Discover how ABC XYZ classification can transform your product management strategy and boost your business!