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Creation of labels

Stockagile's label creator allows you to create your product labels in a quick and simplified way.

Print labels using any printer

Print any size of labels regardless of the paper manufacturer. You only need to set the rows, columns and margins of the paper to start labeling all your products.

Customize your labels

Create your own label designs by choosing what you want it to say. You can also customize the size of the fields, the order or the text style.

Rapid warehouse labeling

If you wish, Stockagile generates the exact amount of labels based on the stock of each product. You don't even need to count how many products you want to label.

Compatible labels anywhere

Stockagile has multiple barcode standards. Don't worry about the type of barcode your products have, Stockagile will manage it for you to simplify your work.

"With Stockagile we are freed from all stock management to synchronize stores with e-commerce."

Anna Vintro